Getting Care

Need to find a doctor or hospital? Are you looking for an urgent care center near you? Or maybe you have questions about getting approval for medical or behavioral health care.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) is here to help you get access to the care you need. You can pick from our large network of providers. When you enroll in Blue Cross Community Centennial, you will choose a PCP. Your PCP will coordinate your health care.

Some services need prior approval from BCBSNM before you are treated. You or your provider must call to request approval. Your provider should know which services need approval and help with the details.

If you need help getting to an appointment, see transportation services.

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Blue Cross Community Centennial has a network of doctors, specialists and hospitals. These providers are contracted with BCBSNM to provide medical services to members.

You must use in-network providers. If you choose to see a doctor who is not part of our network, you will have to pay for the services. Except in an emergency, Blue Cross Community Centennial does not cover care received from out-of-network providers. Check with the provider to make sure that he or she is in the network before you get care.

You must choose a PCP when you join the plan. Our network has PCPs in almost every county in the state. There's also a wide selection of specialists.

The Provider Finder® makes it easy to find a doctor or hospital in your area. Select the link below to open a new browser window. Search for providers. When you're done, close that window and keep viewing this site.

Search Provider Finder link

Download a print version of the Blue Cross Community Centennial Provider Network Directory .* Please note: This is a large file; it may take longer to download depending on your Internet connection speed.

If you need help finding Medicaid providers, call 866-689-1523.

* The printable Provider Network Directory shows the most current information available at the time it was published. The print directory is updated four times a year. The most current listings are in our online Provider Finder – it is updated daily.

Certain services require approval from BCBSNM. This approval is called "preauthorization." If approval is not obtained, those services will not be covered. See the Member Handbook pdf for a list of services requiring approval pdf. To request approval, you or your provider must call BCBSNM Health Services. Call 1-877-232-5518, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time.

BCBSNM providers know which services need prior approval. They can handle the details for you. Make sure prior approval is received if:

  • you are admitted as an inpatient to a hospital
  • you receive any of the services listed as needing approval
  • you visit a provider that is not in our provider network

Without approval in these situations, coverage will be denied.

See the Member Handbook pdf for more information about getting approvals for health care services and prescription drugs.


Contact Us

If you have questions about Blue Cross Community Centennial, call 866-689-1523. Members with hearing or speech loss can call the TTY/TDD line at 711. You can also email us.