Value-Added Services

Blue Cross Community Centennial covers more than just standard Medicaid benefits. We also offer extra services to help keep you and your family healthy.

Some services are not always available all year. Also, some services may change from year to year. You can call Customer Service at 877-689-1523 to find out what is available.

Physical Health Benefits:

  • Full Medicaid benefits for eligible women who are pregnant1
  • Free infant car seat and crib program
  • Free diapers program after postpartum visits
  • Extended adult vision benefits
  • Extended lodging for homeless members
  • Traditional medicine benefit for Native Americans
  • Dental Fluoride Varnish service through primary care physician offices
  • Adult routine physical2
  • Extended adult vision benefits for member age 21 years and older3

Behavioral Health Benefits:

  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ETC) to treat mental conditions
  • Chemical dependency residential treatment center (RTC) services for adults
  • Transitional living arrangements for members who are enrolled in outpatient substance abuse center or being treated for psychiatric issues
  • Inpatient detox at non-hospital-based facilities
  • Mental health program for infants

For a full list of value-added services, see the Member Handbook pdf.

1 Benefit applies to Medicaid COE 030 and 035.

2 Coverage is only for individuals that are not dual-eligible beneficiaries.

3 This value-added service is yearly. Standard benefits are every 3 years.


Contact Us

If you have questions about Blue Cross Community Centennial, call 866-689-1523. Members with hearing or speech loss can call the TTY/TDD line at 711. You can also email us.