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BlueEdge HSASM Benefit Information

BlueEdge gives your employees freedom of choice, flexibility, a broad range of benefits, and the most comprehensive provider network in New Mexico. Across the country, PPO networks are linked through the BlueCard® program so it should be easy to find a network doctor or hospital when traveling, living, working, or studying anywhere in the United States.

When your employees receive care from contracting PPO network doctors and hospitals:

  • There are no claim forms to complete
  • Your employees are not responsible for any charges above the Blue Cross and Blue Shield negotiated fee or allowable amount.
  • Your employees do not need a referral to see the doctor of their choice.
  • Once PPO coverage begins, the only other out-of-pocket expenses are plan-specific coinsurance payments for covered benefits or charges for non-covered services.

Your employees can always choose to receive care from doctors and hospitals outside the network, but benefits will be paid at a lower level.

Plan Highlights

  • BlueEdge HSA

    NOTE: The BlueEdge HSA $1,700 Deductible Plan will no longer be available for sale or renewal as of January 1, 2015. For groups currently enrolled in this plan, new options will be offered when renewing in 2015. Please call your BCBSNM Account Executive for more details.

  • BlueEdge 100 HSA
  • Benefit Booklet 
  • HSA Fact Sheet 

Welcome Call

Within one month of enrollment, your employees can expect a call from a BlueEdge expert to help them better understand BlueEdge and how to maximize the benefits of this plan. The welcome call provides a convenient opportunity to get answers to questions your employees have about their health plan.

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