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Summer 2014 Vol. 5 No. 3
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Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM wellness benefits
Researchers discover mutated gene that prevents diabetes
Medical ID bracelets can save your life
Get preferred pricing at these pharmacies
Save with generic drugs
Get a free workout booklet
Blue365 deal: Walkadoo

Fight diabetes with good nutrition
Tips for taking your medicine right
6 paths to a happier life
Get moving for better health
Beware of food-drug interactions
Antioxidants for good health
Protect your eyes from the sun
Is it more than a senior moment?
Tips for bolstering your memory
How to get more for your vacation bucks
Readers' stories of retiring and finding themselves anew
Drug companies collaborate on research
China's Terra Cotta Warriors come to Indianapolis
'LifeTimes' wins design award
Learn about Hope Paige, maker of fashionable medical ID bracelets
Learn about HealthWays, creator of the Walkadoo social walking program
BCBSNM social responsibility report
Your letters to "LifeTimes"
Play our 'Mystery Game'
Crossword puzzle
Sudoku puzzle
Word search puzzle
Medicare Basics
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Feature Stories

Is it more than a senior moment?

Just about everyone has experienced it: That moment when you walk into a room but can’t remember why you went. Or being unable to remember where you left the car keys. Or what you needed from the grocery. Here’s how to keep your brain in shape and know whether those memory lapses are a normal part of aging or something more serious.

Your Health

6 paths to a happier life

Can you choose to be happy? This wellness specialist says you can. Try these six ideas for choosing to be happier.  Then email us at and let us know whether they helped you see the sunnier side of life.


Your Health

Fight diabetes with good nutrition

Understanding carbohydrates and the role they play in your diet is an important step in controlling diabetes. Learn the difference between simple and complex “carbs” and the role they play in moderating blood sugar levels.

Your Health

Tips for taking your medicine right

These tips will help you take your medications the way your doctor intended, ensuring that you get all the benefit you should from every dose.

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