Blue Review – Provider Newsletter

Our Blue Review provider newsletter is released monthly so that you and your staff have the latest news on claims and billing, federal mandates, medical policies, condition management programs, practice guidelines, formulary/drug list updates, Medicaid, BlueCard, and educational webinars.

April 2014  – Read these articles and more…

  • Talking with Health Services staff
  • When our members speak, we listen!
  • Enhancements in claims processing efficiency
  • Medicaid reminders

March 2014  – Read these articles and more…

  • Utilization management determinations
  • Electronic options for pharmacy prior authorization (PA) requests
  • Medicaid reminder: Update your enrollment information
  • Stars/HEDIS® Focused 2014 Medicare Advantage formulary

February 2014  – Read these articles and more…

  • Did you receive the Blue Review in your email inbox
  • New networks explained
  • iEXCHANGE adds behavioral health requests for intensive outpatient program
  • ICD-10 testing at BCBSNM

January 2014  – Read these articles and more…

  • Learn what’s new on iEXCHANGE® for 2014
  • Patient benefits accessibility during annual updates
  • Important updates for Medicaid providers
  • GuidedHealth® helps identify drug therapy opportunities

December 2013  – Read these articles and more…

  • Important: Use in-network labs
  • Reminder: CMS-1500 paper claim form (version 02/12) available January 2014
  • Notice regarding annual benefit updates
  • Registration is required for Centennial Care

November 2013  – Read these articles and more…

  • Pharmacy program introduces electronic prior authorization process
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Important update to the Provider Reference Manual
  • Enhanced voucher numbering process

To request a PDF version of the Blue Review newsletter, call Network Services at 800-567-8540 or 505-837-8800.