OptiNet® Assessment Tool

OptiNet is an online assessment tool developed by AIM Specialty HealthSM  to collect modality-specific data from imaging providers. This tool is an enhancement to our Radiology Quality Initiative program, which AIM® administers for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM). The OptiNet assessment process will help facilitate the provision of accurate and consistent information, when needed, to help promote patient safety, accessibility of care, and cost effectiveness. The information on OptiNet is based on information given by high- and low-tech imaging service providers. Areas of assessment include staff qualifications and equipment accreditation. Providers can update their information whenever necessary.

High-tech Imaging Service Providers

If you bill BCBSNM for the technical component of CT/CTA, MRI/MRA, nuclear cardiology or PET, you should already have completed AIM's online OptiNet assessment.

  • Your assessment data will be analyzed to determine a modality score (represented by a letter grade) for each modality you register.
  • High-tech service provider modality scores are now available to ordering providers via AIM's online directory.
  • The average allowed payment amount for the procedure (based on professional and technical components of previously billed services), along with the distance from the member’s home will also be shared to assist ordering physicians with making important health care decisions.


Low-tech Imaging Service Providers

The OptiNet tool is available to collect capability information from providers who perform the technical component of X-ray, ultrasound, echocardiography, and mammography services.

  • Your assessment data will be analyzed to determine a score (represented by a letter grade) for each modality you register. (Exception: modality scores will not be generated for mammography.)
  • Low-tech provider modality scores will not be made available for viewing by ordering providers.
  • Results will be utilized by BCBSNM for reporting and quality enhancement initiatives.


Additional Information

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More information can be found in section 10.5  of the provider reference manual.

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Use the link below to register (select "BCBS New Mexico" from the drop-down menu) and complete the online assessment. You can save your data as you go—no need to complete the assessment in one sitting. Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation. The OptiNet tool will remain available to you if you need to make changes at a later date. You should update your information as necessary.

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