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Diversity WorksDiversity at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) refers to human differences and similarities among employees, customers, and key constituents that affect the:

  • overall success of the individual employee and the company
  • work and business environments
  • satisfaction of its customers
  • perceptions of the community and general public of its products and services


The goal of diversity at BCBSNM is to create and nurture a work environment that:

  • encourages all employees to contribute their unique talents
  • makes available the diversity of ideas and opinions needed to achieve our business objectives
  • is open to the diverse skills, ideas, and perspectives of all employees
  • responds to the varied needs of our increasingly diverse customers
  • maximizes individual, team, and organizational performance

The overall goal of BCBSNM's diversity efforts is to encourage and utilize the diverse ideas, skills, and experiences of all employees in achieving organizational objectives. The initiative focuses on how employees are managed and how employees interact with each other, customers, vendors, and the community.


The mission of diversity is to foster a diverse work environment where all employees are valued, enabled to positively contribute to BCBSNM's business objectives, and are recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Through the commitment and leadership of senior management, we strive to weave diversity into the way we manage and interact as employees, and serve and interact with our customers, providers, and the community by:

  • creating a more open and inclusive culture
  • aligning diversity initiatives with other business strategies
  • enhancing diversity management skills among all employees


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