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Rising Health Care Costs

Health Care Costs

Help Keep Health Care Affordable
We all know the cost of medical care is rising — we read about it in the paper, and most of us have seen our own health insurance premiums, copayments, and deductibles go up. Have you ever thought about why health care costs are rising, or what you might do to help keep costs in check?

This section offers information that gives you a better understanding of why health care costs are increasing. In addition to looking at what is driving up health care costs, you will find basic information about how health insurance works and some helpful tips on ways that you can help control the cost of health care. By working together, we can help keep health care affordable for everyone.

Health Insurance Basics
Find out more about how health insurance works — how your plan works, how much things might cost, and how much you pay compared to how much your employer pays.

Things You Can Do
Learn simple choices you can make to help you stay healthy and help keep health care affordable.

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