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Do you, a family member or friend need help with the Medicare insurance maze? Want to learn more about Medicare Part D – the new prescription drug benefit?


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"Service In The Neighborhood," a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico program specially designed to offer an opportunity to meet face to face with our expert representatives to answer questions and provide information on Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance. Call 1-800-672-9700 x2121 to find a representative in your neighborhood or to schedule a free educational program for your senior group or organization.


Need help choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan? Want to learn more about Medicare Part D? Have questions about eligibility, benefits, pricing, switching options, travel coverage, prescription drugs, our Medicare Advantage options, and more?

If You Work With Seniors...

You should know about our programs. "Service In The Neighborhood," sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, is a simple and informative way to get facts on Medicare, exercise, and other important issues. Our trained representatives offer group presentations and individual counseling – all in your own neighborhood, all provided free. Please call 1-800-672-9700 x2121 to learn more or to schedule a program.

Educational Programs...

Today's health insurance is a complex issue. Let the "Service In The Neighborhood" program put our years of experience to work for your group. It has been our goal from the beginning to take difficult Medicare issues and present them in an easily understood format.

Take advantage of our experience and schedule one or more of our free seminars for your group. Additionally, all of our programs are offered in Spanish.

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Programs to choose from for your group or organization:

  • Understanding Medicare: Explains the basics of Medicare in a simple to understand manner.
  • Making Sense of Medicare Part D: Is an informative program that breaks down the individual Part D benefit pieces in an easily understood format and puts them together to solve the Medicare Part D puzzle.
  • Testing Your Medicare Knowledge: A fun way to see just how much you know about Medicare benefits.
  • Medicare ABC's: Is an interactive program dealing with various aspects of Medicare that involves the entire audience.
  • Diagnosing Your Medicare Paperwork: Teaches the audience how to interpret the paperwork that comes with using your Medicare benefits.
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance: Gives an overview of the choices of insurance programs that supplement your Medicare benefits.
  • Preventive Benefits: Updates on all the Medicare preventive benefits for beneficiaries including specific tests and screenings and the reasons why you should know more.
  • Rx Review: Invites a licensed pharmacist to answer common questions regarding prescription medication. This allows the attendee to spend time with a pharmacist to discuss his/her prescriptions.
  • Basic Education on Prescription Medication: Informative presentation on the "basics" of prescriptions... how they are written, what they mean, and questions to ask your pharmacist.
  • Seniorcise: Invites a fitness expert to demonstrate stretching and toning exercises and how to stay active.
  • Community Events: We participate in local, county, and statewide events such as health fairs, conferences, and expos.
  • Medicare Help Desk: We provide free one-on-one Medicare information and answers to your Medicare questions at convenient locations throughout New Mexico.

When you attend one of our "Service In The Neighborhood" seminars, visit one of our Medicare Help Desks, or local community events, you can learn more about preventive health benefits, Medicare, and Medicare Part D. Most of the events are free, however, some may require an admission fee.

For more information about "Service In The Neighborhood" call Tonya Gonzales at
1-800-672-9700 x2121 or 505-816-2121


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