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Adelante Receives Grant From BCBSNM To Improve The Health Of More New Mexico Children Through Adelante’s Wellness Referral Center

Apr. 30, 2018

Adelante Development Center received a $40,000 grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) through its Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® (HKHF) initiative. Adelante is a local nonprofit supporting people with disabilities, seniors, and disadvantaged people by providing a variety of community resources including a Wellness Referral Center that connects people to wellness classes and activities. Adelante will be partnering with BCBSNM, whose vision for the HKHF program is to help improve the health of youth and their families in local communities.

"Through the Adelante Wellness Referral Center, New Mexicans are continuing their path to a healthier lifestyle," said Janice Torrez, divisional vice president of external affairs and chief of staff, BCBSNM. "We are pleased our HKHF grant will allow Adelante to help improve children’s health by providing resources for asthma management classes, physical activity opportunities and Cooking for Wellness classes."

HKHF is a signature program of BCBSNM, focusing on engaging children and their families in understanding the importance of nutritious food, raising the level of physical activity, improving immunization rates, better managing chronic conditions and promoting safe environments. Likewise, Adelante’s Wellness Referral Center acts as a connection between the health care system and community resources that promote wellness. This grant will allow Adelante to increase the number of children served through the Wellness Referral Center.

Mike Kivitz, CEO of Adelante, said of this partnership, “Adelante works to demonstrate that our organization and the people we support are a community resource. We are pleased to use the expertise we have developed in our contact center line of business to impact healthcare in New Mexico. Specifically, we are honored to work with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico to improve health outcomes for children in our state."