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Don't Forget to Pack Your Motivation: Easy Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Working out may be the farthest thing from your mind when you are on vacation. But, there are some fun ways you can add a little exercise to your travel plans.

Here are some tips to help you stay in shape while you are traveling:

  • Don't overdo it.

Vacations should be relaxing, so don't stress yourself out by setting high goals for your physical activity. Try to do at least 40-50% of your normal workout.

  • Try to walk everywhere.

Ditch the cabs, buses and trains and walk to all the sites you want to see. Plan ahead and get a hotel that is within walking distance of the city's attractions. This way you can burn calories and save money on transportation. It's a win-win situation.

  • Do a quick morning workout in your room.

Before you leave your room in the morning, do a quick calisthenics workout – exercises using only your body weight for resistance. Try doing 3 sets of 8-12:

    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Push ups
    • Sit ups
    • Jumping jacks
    • Mountain climbers
  • Play on the beach.

Organize a game of beach volleyball; a great way to burn some calories, meet other people and have fun. You can also get some exercise in by taking long walks on the beach, throwing a Frisbee around or starting up a game of sharks and minnows (similar to tag) with your kids.

  • Take advantage of the water.

Instead of just lounging by the pool, jump in the water to do some laps, tread water or just play with your kids. If you are by the ocean you can get a great workout in by surfing (or at least trying to surf), snorkeling or scuba diving.

  • Go for a hike.

If you are going camping or will be staying close to nature trails, try going for a hike. You will burn more calories due to the extra elevation, and you get to enjoy the beauty of nature!

  • Rent a bike.

Do some research and find out if your destination has a bike share program or local bike rentals that you can take advantage of. A bike ride is a great way to tour the city while also burning calories. Remember to follow these safety tips and always wear a helmet.

  • Sign up for a 5K run or walk.

When you are planning your trip see if there are any 5K runs/walks that will be going on in the city you are visiting. Participating in a 5K allows you to see different areas of the city, possibly support a good cause and bond with your family and/or friends.

Don't leave your exercising routines at home. Try out some of these fun activities and you will see how easy it is to add some physical activities to your trip.

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