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BlueEdge HCASM

BlueEdge is a consumer-directed plan that lets BCBSNM members decide how, when, and where their health care dollars are spent. BlueEdge combines a Participating Provider Option (PPO) with an employer-funded Health Care Account (HCA) that helps pay for covered health care expenses. The BlueEdge health plan includes:

  • Preventive care and wellness visits for adults and children is covered when using in-network providers. Members don't have to meet the deductible to enjoy these benefits.
  • Health plan benefits begin after meeting the deductible. Members have the freedom to choose any PPO doctor in order to receive the highest level coverage.
  • Health Care Account (HCA) funds from the employer are used to pay for covered health care expenses. Money spent from the HCA counts toward the annual deductible.
  • Online decision tools help members increase their awareness and knowledge of health issues and can help them keep track of health care expenses.

Learn More About BlueEdge HCA:

Benefit Information
Spending Account and the Deductible

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