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An In-depth Look at Teen Driving from Teens, Experts, and Parents in New Be Smart. Be Well.® Videos

Each year, about 3,000 teens are killed in motor-vehicle crashes, making it the leading cause of death for teens. The summer months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, are considered the deadliest for teen drivers. Be Smart. Be Well.  recently interviewed a number of teens about driving and what they do to be safe drivers. The video, Teen to Teen, is available on  and is an honest and engaging look at how teens are working to become better drivers and what goes through their heads when they are behind the wheel. The video also includes tips — for teens from teens — on how to be safe and responsible drivers.

"Someone who's a safe driver definitely pays attention to all the laws, especially the Graduating Driver Licensing (GDL) laws, being home by curfew, not having too many distractions such as cellphones, other people, too loud music and just paying attention to the road," says one teen featured in the video.

In addition, the site now has a video interview  with teen driving safety expert Erin Sauber-Schatz, Ph.D., M.P.H., of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who provides tips for both teens and parents to help them become safe and aware drivers. She states that when it comes to safe driving, parents have more influence over their teens' behavior than they might expect. "Parents play a key role in preventing teen crashes. When asked whose opinions they listen to, teens most often said their parents," she says.

Be Smart. Be Well. also offers tips from real-life parents  on how to start safe driving conversations and give their teens the driving experience they need to be safe behind the wheel. Parents and teens will also find sample driving contracts or agreements, reputable resources and links for more information, and a quiz about the risks to teen drivers  on

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