Required Cultural Competency Training Available Online

November 22, 2018

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) considers cultural competency a national health concern that plays a role in improving patient care and satisfaction. CMS defines cultural competency as the ability of providers and organizations to effectively deliver health care services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients.

The New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) requires all providers contracted within a New Mexico Medicaid Network, like Blue Cross Community CentennialSM, to take annual cultural competency training. This training is intended to include all cultures and not be limited to any particular group and is designed to address the needs of racial, ethnic, and linguistic populations that may experience unequal access to health services.

Providers may take cultural competency training through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) by utilizing our easy-to-use online platform. If you have already taken a cultural competency program with another MCO, you must complete a digital attestation for BCBSNM confirming the completion of your training for the year.

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, BCBSNM will begin displaying a designation in the online provider directory for providers who complete the annual training or attestation. Providers who do not complete this annual requirement, either by completing the training or the attestation, will be removed from the BCBSNM online directory and may be terminated from the Blue Cross Community Centennial network.

If you have any questions regarding the cultural competency training or attestation form, please contact your Provider Network Representative.