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Plan Benefits

Health insurance is one of the most important components of your employee benefits. UNM Team Health is pleased to provide health coverage for UNM employees and their covered dependents. The information below explains the benefits available under your UNM Medical Plan.

Note: Your health benefit plan has different coverage tiers. The higher the tier, the more you will pay out of pocket. You must obtain pre-approval for non-urgent/non-emergency services outside of the Tier 1 network, or the services will be considered out-of-network or ineligible for coverage.

Find a Doctor or Hospital

When you access the UNM Team Health Network (Tier 1), you pay lower copays and coinsurance amounts. Search for Tier 1 providers:

Non-urgent/non-emergency access to BCBSNM PPO Network (Tier 2) providers and facilities in New Mexico requires Benefit Determination (BD) from UNM Team Health. If you obtain service without BD, the service will be covered as an out-of-network (Tier 3) benefit, and you will pay more out of pocket. Search for Tier 2 providers: