Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico's (BCBSNM's) Medicaid plan for 2014 is Blue Cross Community CentennialSM. This plan focuses on breaking down the financial, cultural, and linguistic barriers preventing low-income families and individuals from accessing health care. Blue Cross Community Centennial maintains and monitors a network of participating providers including physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, ancillary providers, and other health care providers through which members obtain covered services.


Participating providers are requested to submit claims within 90 days of the date of service, using the standard CMS-1500 or UB-04 claim form, or electronically. Services billed beyond 180 days from the date of service are not eligible for reimbursement.


Providers may not seek payment from the member for claims submitted after the 180-day filing deadline.

For information about reporting fraud, waste and abuse, refer to the Claims/Deficit Reduction Act section of the

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Pharmacy — view Medicaid drug lists, forms, preauthorization requirements and specialty pharmacy program information.

The Blue Cross Community Centennial training is for all provider types including behavioral health and long term care providers.

In addition to Standard Medicaid Benefits, Blue Cross Community Centennial offers additional Value-Added Services (VAS) to help keep your patients and their families healthy.

Highlighted Services

Such services are funded in part with the State of New Mexico.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, a Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association