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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Without a steady income, most people would not be able to make payments on their homes or keep their families financially stable. Our long-term disability insurance allows you to financially protect yourself and your family by providing a convenient, economical way of securing an income while out of work for an extended period from an unexpected accidental injury or illness.

Employer-Sponsored Group Plans & Voluntary Group Plans

  • Benefits for total or partial disability
  • Return-to-work incentives for employees who can work on a partial or part-time basis
  • Rehabilitation incentive income—unique in the industry—for those claimants who cannot return to their job but have skills that can transfer to a new occupation
  • Social Security assistance services for employees who are totally disabled and eligible for Social Security benefits

My Benefits – Online Member Solution for Disability Claims

Submit and manage your disability claims online through My Benefits, our self-service tool.

  • Submit a new disability claim
  • Link to existing disability claims
  • Access and review your claim documents
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Track the status of your disability claims
  • Review your payment history
  • Send and receive secure messages

Disability Resource ServicesTM

When personal problems occur, many people become overwhelmed and may not know how to cope.

We've teamed with ComPsych Corporation to provide Disability Resource Services to our long-term disability customers.

Disability Resource Services helps people:

  • Work through the challenges of a long-term disability with professional counseling
  • Address, manage and learn about many issues related to disabilities
  • Cope with emotional, financial and legal issues, including substance abuse

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