Connecting Medical Members with Chronic Conditions to Vision Care


What’s new: We’re creating a seamless experience for medical customers with high-risk conditions to help reduce their risk of experiencing vision-related complications. The program reminds medical members who have chronic cardiac conditions and diabetes to use their vision benefits and complete their annual vision exams.

Why? People with high-risk chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiac problems have an increased risk of developing damaging vision conditions.

The program integrates medical and vision benefits to:

  • Deepen the connection between medical and ancillary member outreach
  • Personalize communications with members, urging them to seek vision care that can help reduce the risk of serious eye problems
  • Strengthen our competitive advantage in the marketplace

Through medical-vision integration, data sharing and outreach, we can help prevent serious and costly vision problems from arising.

Timing: Members with cardiac conditions and diabetes can expect to receive an email or mailer the week of Sept. 5 reminding them to schedule their vision exam.

Questions? Contact your ancillary account executive for details about medical vision integration.