Online Evidence of Insurability Streamlines Your Ancillary Annual Enrollment

July 29, 2022

Applies to fully insured and ASO groups

We’ve made enhancements to our online Evidence of Insurability (EOI) process to make your annual enrollment season more user friendly for Ancillary products.

  • When required, now you can give your employees and their dependents access to the online link during your enrollment.
  • We can accept an online EOI submissions prior to receiving your enrollment and EOI census information.

Your employees can now elect their benefits and securely submit EOI at the same time. No time is wasted between steps.

Add the link to your enrollment website so it’s easily accessible to employees. Once they are informed that EOI is required, they can immediately complete both their EOI and their entire enrollment in our secure portal.

EOI submissions will be held until we receive your EOI census. The medical underwriting process begins once we receive your EOI census information.

If you prefer not to provide the EOI link at enrollment, you can still upload your EOI census after enrollment is complete and share the link with your employees at that time.

Contact your ancillary account representative for details about the online EOI process.