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September 21, 2022

Breast cancer and diabetes are on our radar this fall. You can help fend off these health threats. Plus, spread ways to feel more joy and less stress during the holidays. Tap into healthy tips from BlueResource.
Our free health and wellness library is designed to do just that. Use it to share positive, easy to-dos. We’ve got content just right for October, November and December.

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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Every two minutes, a woman in the United States is told she has breast cancer. Yet, when found early, survival rates are high. Share the power of early screening with a flier and monitor slide in Protecting Your Health.

November: Diabetes Awareness Month
Chances are someone in your circle is dealing with diabetes. While there isn’t a cure, healthy choices are helping millions thrive despite their diabetes. Share easy tips with a flierposter and monitor slide in Protecting Your Health.
December: Healthy Holidays
Holidays can be stressful. They can even feel lonely if you’ve lost someone or can’t be with loved ones. Our fliers offer simple ways to cope with both. Find them in Stress Relief.
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