Blue High Performance Network® (BlueHPN®)

Enhanced Quality, Increased Savings

Our Blue High Performance Network® (BlueHPN®) is designed to deliver greater value for your groups and their employees. We select providers for BlueHPN® that are focused on delivering quality care, with a network that provides an average of more than 10% savings1 compared to the PPO.


BlueHPN® is available in more markets nationwide than our competitors, with portable access across over 55 major markets. When inside an HPN service area, members have access to care from any BlueHPN® provider with no primary care physician (PCP) selection or referrals needed. When traveling outside an HPN service area, members have access to emergent and urgent care through a network of Blue Cross and Blue Shield providers.


Providers in BlueHPN® are measured on a consistent set of quality metrics across four key domains central to better overall care delivery:

  • Appropriateness of care to reduce harm and waste
  • Best practice adherence to support guideline-based treatment
  • Health management to promote preventive care and chronic condition management
  • Outcomes to measure effective care delivery

Providers are measured across these domains through a set of eight national and eight local metrics from industry-respected sources2, creating consistency across markets while addressing key health care issues in local markets.

Cost Savings

With BlueHPN®, members have in-network-only3 access to quality care through a network that offers an average of more than 10% in additional savings as compared to our already industry-leading PPO. BlueHPN® is a great option to help employers tailor benefit offerings to maintain access to high quality providers while being conscious of cost objectives.

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1 Savings are based on Consortium Health Plans analysis, 2019. Savings are on average and assume 100% enrollment. Results will vary based on employer locations and implementation.
2 Measures align with those being utilized by credible industry organizations, including American Hospital Association, Catalyst for Payment Reform and America’s Health Insurance Plans.
3 Out-of-network coverage is available for emergency situations.