Total Care Benefit Differential

Total Care, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) national designation program, recognizes contracted doctors and hospitals for their efforts in coordinating total patient care.

The Total Care Benefit Differential product helps members use providers with this total care distinction. Employers direct their employees to value-based care providers using BDTC’s benefit differential product.

Here’s an example of a benefit design:

Tier 1 — Designated Total Care Primary Care Providers
Tier 2 — PPO Contracted Facilities and Providers
Tier 3 — Out-of-Network


The Total Care Benefit Differential Product offers employers:

  • Improved health care quality and safety for employees
  • Possible lower cost of care with potential savings
  • Flexible design
  • Decision-making support

Total Care National Availability

Employees can use the Total Care Benefit Differential product no matter where they live. BDTC is available in 98 of the top 100 markets, 44 states and D.C.1

Contact your BCBSNM representative to learn more about Total Care.

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1 2020 Value-based Program RFI Topline National Stats, December 2020.