Health Care Accounts

Our Health Care Account (HCA) plans are another part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) portfolio of consumer-driven health plans. HCA plans put members in charge of their health by empowering them to make their own decisions about how their health care dollars are spent. BCBSNM provides online tools and resources to help members make wise and informed decisions about their health care and better manage their health care benefits. 

Our HCA combines a PPO with an employer-funded Health Care Account that helps pay for covered health care expenses. The BlueEdge HCA includes:

  • Preventive care and wellness visits for adults and children is covered when using in-network providers. Members don't have to meet the deductible to enjoy these benefits.
  • Health plan benefits begin after meeting the deductible. Members have the freedom to choose any PPO doctor in order to receive the highest level coverage.
  • Health care account funds from the employer are used to pay for covered health care expenses. Money spent from the HCA counts toward the annual deductible.
  • Online decision tools help members increase their awareness and knowledge of health issues and can help them keep track of health care expenses.

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