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The 2018 Blue Cross Medicare Options MAPD/PDP Certification Process is now available!

The 2018 Blue Cross Medicare Options certification curriculum will once again be housed on the AHIP/CMP platform.  To take advantage of the discounted AHIP fee, please use certification link below to access/complete your assigned tasks. The negotiated discounted rate is $125; $50 off the normal $175 AHIP fee.

The 2018 Blue Cross Medicare Options curriculum consists of two parts. See below.

Part 1: AHIP Curriculum (2018 AHIP Medicare Training Task)

  • Medicare Basics
  • Medicare Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) and Exam
  • Non-Discrimination Disclosure
  • General Compliance Attestation
  • Final Exam

Part 2: HCSC/CMP Curriculum

  • Sales Agent Requirements course
  • MAPD/PDP Product course/exam
  • Producer or Agency Certification form
  • Producer or Agency Amendment (does not apply to sub-producers)
  • Attestation forms

Log In Information:

AHIP/CMP Training Platform Link:

Past Users:

User ID: 10 digit National Producer Number

Password: Previously created password

New Users:

Click on the registration button, use your National Producer Number (NPN, All 10 digits including the preceding zeros) and complete your profile including a password.

Note: Individual Producers, Sub Producers and Agency Principals are all required to complete the tasks in both parts above in order to be deemed certified.