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Provider Information

Sandia Total Health Plan - Locate Medical Providers

Sandia health plan members using BCBSNM's PPO provider network, do a quick search now or log in to Blue Access for Members to:

  • Estimate the cost of procedures, treatments, and tests based on provider and your plan
  • See what other patients say about a provider, or add your own review
  • View quality, certifications and recognitions for doctors
  • See if a Blue Distinction® Center for Specialty Care is available near you

Blue Distinction® Centers for Specialty Care

Locate Other Providers

  • Sandia Total Health Plan prescription drug coverage is administered by Express Scripts®. To find pharmacies, call 1-877-817-1440 or visit
  • Dental coverage is administered by Delta Dental®. To find dentists, call 1-800-264-2818 or visit
  • Vision coverage is administered by Davis Vision®. To find vision providers, call 1-888-575-0191 or visit
  • Your flexible spending account (FSA) is administered by Connect Your Care®. For questions about your FSA, call 1-800-284-4885 or visit
  • Your employee assistance program (EAP) is administered by Magellan. For questions about your EAP, call 1-800-424-0320 or visit