Blue Community HMO Network (CNN) – Individual On and Off Exchange Plans

As of 2023, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) has many HMO health plans that are offered to individuals and families on and off the exchange. These health plans use the Blue Community HMO network, which is sometimes referred to by its network identifier, “CNN.”

What is the Blue Community HMO network (CNN)?

This network is comprised of providers who and which are contracted with BCBSNM to furnish covered services on an in-network basis to members with individual and family coverage.  Because this is HMO coverage, access to out-of-network providers is generally limited to emergency services and prior authorization from BCBSNM when it is determined that covered services for a member are not reasonably available from an in-network provider.

Example of Member ID card with health plan supported by CNN network:

The “Blue Community HMO Network” and red "CNN" in the top right corner of the member’s ID card will indicate that the member is covered by one of BCBSNM’s individual or family health plans that are supported by such network.

CNN Network Contract Status

If you’re already a participating provider for the CNN network, thank you for caring for our individual and family members.

If you’re already a contracted provider with BCBSNM and unsure if you participate in this network or have questions, please contact your BCBSNM Provider Network Representative; if you want to add the CNN network to your contract, please fax a request to 1-866-290-7718.

If you’re not contracted with BCBSNM, you can apply by completing the provider onboarding form.