Short Term Complications of Diabetes Admission Questionnaire

Providers caring for members diagnosed with diabetes, aged 18 and older who have had a hospital admission because of Short-Term Complication(s) related to diabetes (STCA) may receive a provider notification letter informing them of this hospital admission from Blue Cross Community Centennial Quality Improvement Department (BCCQID). This provider notification letter aims to ensure that the provider is notified of the member’s hospital admission, last A1c testing date and if available, the last A1c testing value. The data contained in the letter is claims based and may take up to one quarter to report. The goal is to ensure that providers are aware of the member’s hospital admission and ask for the provider to reach out and assist with the coordination of care, thereafter, if this has not already been accomplished. 

In addition to this letter, as part of ongoing efforts on quality improvement, BCCQID is also implementing a new questionnaire.  We are requesting input regarding the means, method, and timeliness of the initial (hospital admission) STCA notification from either the reporting hospital or the member to the provider. Through this questionnaire we aim to gain a perspective on challenges providers face regarding STCA hospital admissions, the type of data providers may need and what they currently receive and glean potential areas for improvements that BCCQID may be able to assist with.

If you receive a STCA provider notification letter, please also take a moment to fill out the one-page questionnaire and return it to the Blue Cross Community Centennial Quality Improvement Department using the self-addressed pre-paid postage envelope. Your participation and voice will be used to improve how we communicate these hospital admissions to providers in the future.