Care Van® Program

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM), a strong supporter of collaborations to address health care needs in New Mexico, implemented the Care Van program in January 2006 to help improve health outcomes for all New Mexicans. The Care Van is a 30-foot mobile health clinic that travels statewide.

The Care Van initiative is a community partnership program. BCBSNM provides the program at no cost to support the outreach efforts of partnering organizations. BCBSNM staffs the program with a full-time coordinator who oversees the schedule, drives the van to service sites, and provides basic logistical support. The New Mexico Department of Health (DOH), the University of New Mexico, and Walgreens are among BCBSNM's primary partners that use the Care Van to improve outreach to underserved rural communities throughout the state. These services help reduce long-term health care costs for all New Mexicans.

Scheduling the Care Van

BCBSNM cannot provide any direct medical services; therefore, potential partners are responsible for making arrangements to provide medical services by licensed providers. Suitable requests include basic medical/dental services; community health education; and children's health initiatives such as immunizations, flu shots, healthy child assessments, and dental screenings. Requests are evaluated in accordance with BCBSNM criteria and responses are provided within five working days.

Contact Us

For more information or to check the calendar and request the Care Van for an event or project, please contact the BCBSNM Care Van coordinator by phone at 505-816-4105 or email.