Community Giving

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico recognizes the importance of strong community involvement and we have created a company culture that values giving. For BCBSNM, community support occurs through a variety of volunteer and financial commitments. From sponsorship of projects related to health initiatives, to promoting employee volunteerism through the Blue CorpsSM team, BCBSNM is an active participant in the great state of New Mexico.

Through charitable giving, our organization connects with customers, community leaders, and policy makers who are interested in making New Mexico a healthier state. While we respect all community-oriented projects, we, as a customer-owned company, have financial limitations on sponsorship spending. Read this information to see if your organization's project is a good fit for our funding priorities.


BCBSNM has a core mission of promoting accessible, cost-effective, quality health care for our customers. We feel that it is imperative to align our corporate giving and sponsorship decisions with this mission to achieve successful outcomes. BCBSNM’s community supports align under five strategic areas of focus to support our umbrella mission of expanding access to care.

Areas of Focus

  • Economic Opportunity and Stability: Addressing issues such as poverty, removing barriers to employment, providing good jobs and upskilling.
  • Nutrition:  Supporting efforts to decrease hunger and increase access to nutritional food.
  • Neighborhood and Local Assets: Focusing on affordable healthy housing, access to transportation, and access to physical activity.
  • Locally Defined Health Solutions: Addressing local health and human service needs.
  • Optimal Health Outcomes:  Helping close gaps in care, specifically around six priority areas: immunizations; diabetes care; cardiovascular care; behavioral health; early detection cancer screening and maternal & infant health.

Who Can Apply

BCBSNM partners with organizations that share our mission. We accept requests for grants and sponsorships from organizations that are in New Mexico and have at least one of these designations:

  • Charitable organizations as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, government agencies, or civic/cultural organizations
  • Public school systems that promote educational opportunities

Exclusions – What Is Not Funded

BCBSNM is unable to offer funding for:

  • Organizations or projects that discriminate against individuals based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Endowments or established trusts
  • Sponsorship of unrelated charitable programs
  • Sponsorship of youth athletics and related activities
  • Deficit funding
  • Individuals
  • Bricks and mortar/capital campaigns
  • Tuition/fees/dues
  • Meals
  • Subscriptions
  • Beauty or talent contests and related activities
  • Telethons
  • Political campaigns
  • Religious activities
  • School PTA

How To Apply

There are four types of funding requests:

  • Grant funding is for program-focused initiatives or for general operating support. Grants provide support to programs and organizations that align with BCBSNM's mission to promote health and wellness in the communities we serve. Only 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible to apply. Applications for general grants are accepted online from January 12 to November 11 or until funds are unavailable. Requests for grant consideration must be made through our online application.

  • Sponsorship funding is primarily for supporting a fundraiser or event for a charity or noncharitable community, civic or educational organization that also provides visibility for BCBSNM in the communities we serve. Such fundraising events include galas, benefits, golf tournaments, conferences and various community events. Applications should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event date. Sponsorships do not require 501(c)(3) status. Applications for sponsorships are accepted online from January 12 to November 11 or until funds are unavailable. Requests for sponsorship consideration must be made through our online application.

    Please submit a sponsorship application prior to 11/11/2024 for all events taking place in 2024 or January 2025. If your event takes place in February 2025 or later, please apply when the application reopens in January 2025.
  • Blue ImpactSM grant funding is available for nonprofit organizations that have measurable, sustainable programs that target one of our five areas of focus. Requests for Blue Impact grant consideration must be made through our online application. Applications will be accepted from March 1 – April 15, 2024Read information on how to apply for a Blue Impact grant.

  • In-Kind video production is available to one New Mexico nonprofit organization each year through the BCBSNM video department. If your organization is the chosen applicant, BCBSNM will work with you to help deliver your story to your targeted audience, highlight the impact you make in our community and raise awareness for your program. BCBSNM will film, edit and finalize a complimentary three-to five-minute video if your application is selected. Applications for an in-kind video are accepted until March 31. Read information on how to apply for an in-kind video.


Last Updated: Feb. 26, 2024