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Why Choose Blue

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico is the most trusted and experienced health care insurance company in the state. We provide coverage to more than 550,000 members. Why do so many New Mexicans choose us?

  • Provider Network: Our provider network gives you more choices.
  • Trusted Name: With 80 years of experience, we are a trusted name in the health care industry.
  • Tools You Can Use: Use our web-based tools to get the most from your health insurance plan.
  • Customer-Owned: Unlike some of the national, publicly traded health insurance companies, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico is customer-owned. This means our owners and customers are one and the same. We focus on being here for you rather than the numbers on an investor report.
  • Extra Health and Wellness Benefits: Your plan may offer benefits beyond your health insurance coverage. Many plans come with:
    • Access to health and wellness programs
    • Extra benefits like dental, hearing and vision
    • Member discount programs
    • Care options through our 24/7 Nurseline and Virtual Visits, and more


Help Me Choose a Plan

If you’re not sure what plan you need, answer a few questions to help you decide.

Now that you’ve picked a plan, it’s time to enroll.

Useful Tools

Last Updated: Aug. 04, 2023