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After You Enroll

Medicare must approve your enrollment before you are officially a member. This generally takes about 10 business days.

Enrollment Confirmation

Within 10 days of getting your enrollment form, we’ll send you an acknowledgement letter. After your enrollment is approved by Medicare, you’ll get a confirmation letter.

Welcome Kit

You should receive your welcome kit in the mail no later than December 31st for the Annual Enrollment period and includes the formulary, Evidence of Coverage and other helpful information. During other enrollment periods, the welcome kit is sent within 10 days of enrollment completion and acceptance.

Personal Phone Call

We will call to welcome you to the plan. We’ll ask you if you have questions about your benefits or if you have special needs we should know about. We may ask you a few basic health questions, help you set up your Annual Wellness Exam, and talk more about the Rewards & Incentives program.

Find a Provider

If you haven’t already, search for in-network providers to choose a primary care provider (PCP) who is in your plan’s network. Set up your Annual Wellness Visit with your provider once your coverage is active.

Find a provider

Your Annual Wellness Exam Checklist

This checklist is a great tool to help you cover all the bases with your provider. Print it out and take it to your appointment.

Annual Wellness Checklist

Useful Tools

Last Updated: Aug. 04, 2023