New Member? What to Expect

Welcome to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM). Now that we have your application, here’s what you can expect.

This timeline lists what’s happening with your application – and what you’ll get - once your health care coverage begins. Remember, we can’t start processing your application until you send your first payment. You have many convenient ways to pay your bill.

You’ll also see some tools and tips you can use now to help control your health care costs.

Things to Do Now

Complete These Steps

We’re processing your application and will reach out if your payment isn’t included. In the meantime, if these are on your to-do list, go ahead and:

Look for Membership Materials

Welcome Letter or Email

We usually need 24 hours to review your application. You'll get confirmation saying your application is being processed.

Member ID Card

You’re officially a BCBSNM member when you get your Member ID card. This usually takes seven business days (including U.S. mail time) after your confirmation is sent. You’ll see resources on both sides, like:

  • Your policy number – Helpful when making an appointment or calling with questions.
  • Customer Service phone number – Call with questions about your health care coverage.
  • Pharmacy Program phone number – Learn more about your prescription drug coverage, including how to set up a 90-day prescription supply.

Remember, if you have an HMO, your member ID card won’t print until you select your Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Member Welcome Kit

In about seven business days (including U.S. mail time), you’ll get the specifics you need for your new health care coverage, including:

  • Benefit Information – Your Evidence of Coverage (EOC), also called Your Benefit Book, shows what’s covered with your plan. Keep this in mind when you need to see your doctor.
  • FAQs – Frequently asked questions and answers to help you get to know how your plan works, which can help save time and money. See other questions and answers.
  • At a Glance Summary – These specifics, like your plan name and network, can help you control your costs.
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) Authorization – This form lets you select the PHI – like medical records or test results – you’ll allow us to share with other health plans or providers.

Get Started with Our Tools and Tips

Sign Up or Log In to Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM)

BAMSM lets you securely manage your health plan online and review your claims. Make sure you have your member ID card nearby since you’ll need it to sign up. You can also:

  • Change your mailing address, email address and personal information so we can contact you.
  • Sign up to go paperless and have electronic notices sent to your email address.
  • Sign up to receive text messages on a variety of topics.
  • Find in-network pharmacies. If your health plan has preferred pharmacies, you can pay the lowest co-pay/co-insurance amount for your prescriptions at these locations.
  • Search for doctors and other health care providers in your network.
  • Review your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for helpful information that shows what’s included and what you may owe your provider.

Call Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Working with your doctor can help you stay healthy. Since you’ve named your PCP, make an appointment for your annual check-up once your coverage is active – it’s included! Need help finding other providers? Log into BAMSM and search for doctors and hospitals.

Set Payment Schedule

You can make regular payments using the EZ Blue Payment OptionSM. This form lets you make automatic monthly payments from your account. You can also log in to BAMSM and look for the Billing and Payment section. Call BCBSNM Customer Service at 1-866-236-1702 with questions.

Prepare for the Unexpected

It’s not always easy choosing health care options. Knowing where to go when you need care can mean the difference in costs and time. See where to go when it’s not an emergency.

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