2023 New Mexico Policy Documents

Actual Policy Documents

In some cases, your actual policy document may be available through the links below. In order to help make it easier to locate your policy, they are divided into categories, including individual, small group, and large group market policies.

Tips to help locate your policy:

  • If you have coverage through your employer, then your policy would be in the group market.
  • If you have coverage other than through your employer (such as through an Exchange), then your policy would be in the individual market.
  • Depending on the size of your employer (i.e., how many employees it has), your policy may be in either the "small group market" or "large group market."
  • Each of these categories may be further divided based on certain information, such as whether your policy is a qualified health plan (QHP) or grandfathered plan, or whether the group health plan has a standard benefit design or a custom benefit design.

If you have any questions or need assistance locating your actual policy, you can contact a customer service representative at the phone number provided on the back of your ID card. It is important to note that while BCBSNM is posting every actual insurance policy as soon as it becomes available, including policies that contain customized benefit designs; your policy may not yet be available. If you are unable to locate your policy through the links below, you may find it helpful to view one of the sample policies below, or you can contact the Customer Service number provided on the back of your ID card for additional assistance.

Small Group Market (2–50 employees) / Qualified Health Plans (QHPs)

Small Group Actual Policy Documents

Last Updated: Oct. 16, 2023