Explore Individual & Family Health Care Plans

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico offers New Mexico individual health insurance plans and family plans at 3 different metallic levels to fit the needs of you and your family.


Gold plans are for you if you:

  • Have frequent medical needs, like a chronic health condition
  • Have a spouse and children on your plan or want to expand your family soon
  • Would rather pay more each month for lower bills when you visit your doctor

Silver plans are for you if you:

  • Have regular medical needs, like 1 or 2 doctor visits a year
  • Want to pay a lower bill each month than you likely with a Gold plan
  • Have a spouse and/or children on your plan

Bronze plans are for you if you:

  • Have few medical needs or prescriptions
  • Want to pay less each month for your normal monthly bill
  • Are comfortable paying higher out-of-pocket costs

Explore Even More Plans

Learn about all your BCBSNM individual plan options.

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Vision Insurance

If you're a contacts- or glasses-wearer, having a vision plan can help you save on eye care costs. You’ll be covered for things like annual eye exams, lenses and frames and certain treatments.

Learn about vision insurance

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If your 65th birthday is right around the corner, you may be able to sign up for Medicare. Learn about Medicare, if you're eligible to enroll and how it works.

Learn about Medicare

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If you qualify for a premium tax credit and want to enroll in an on-exchange health plan, visit beWellnm, New Mexico's Health Insurance Marketplace.

Learn about beWellnm

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Other Plan Options

You may also qualify for Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), financial help or other assistance based on your income. These health care coverage options are provided by the government. There’s no enrollment period, so you can apply at any time.1

1Members of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes can apply for health care coverage any month of the year.

P2242 Rev. 12.23

Last Updated: May 17, 2024